Physician Placement Agency


Salient MD is keenly aware that many physicians presently practicing medicine are professionally unsettled, and considering the pursuit of options. Any number of variables can surface; related to the community at-large, specific to the practice itself, or a multitude of other factors impacting professional and personal satisfaction.

Whatever the reasons, when a decision to consider relocation has been made, uncertainty regarding “next steps” will likely follow.


All of Salient MD’s traditional Recruiting/Placement services, as well as our unique Advisory Services, are available to a Physician Client in a current practice situation.

However, physicians considering a change in their current situation, need an advocate that understands the incredible sensitivity associated with exploring options. The need for confidentiality is paramount, and the next move must be “the right move at the right time into the right practice/community.”

Salient MD pledges to represent a Physician Client currently practicing in a confidential manner, and to assist in making the next move the right move.